Just Fair support the Brighton & Hove Homeless Bill of Rights

Jamie Burton QC, in the above photo with Maria Jose Aldanas of FEANTSA at the launch of the Homeless Bill of Rights, is Chair of the UK Human Rights organisation, Just Fair. He has sent a message to the Leader of the Council supporting the adoption of the Bill of Rights on Thursday 25th March 2021. Here is the message in full:

Dear Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty,

I am delighted to see that Brighton and Hove City Council is on the cusp of becoming the first council in the UK to adopt the Homeless Bill of Rights. As a QC who has worked on homelessness issues for decades, I firmly believe that it is vital that the rights of people who find themselves without a home are fully recognised and, moreover, that a rights based approach is the best way to tackle the social injustices caused by homelessness.  Also, as Chair of Just Fair, a human rights charity that champions the human right to adequate housing and has advocated successfully on behalf of homeless people at the United Nations, I am also conscious of the wider significance of Brighton’s pioneering work in this regard. I was privileged to speak at the launch of the Bill in autumn 2018 and have been aware ever since of the acclaim, both domestically and abroad, that this initiative has attracted. I very much hope that the Bill is adopted and that you and your colleagues on the Council are rightly proud of this fantastic achievement. You will be setting the standard that hopefully many other towns and cities will follow.

Warm regards,

Jamie Burton

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