Campaigning for the Homeless Bill of Rights

This website is intended as a resource for those in the UK who wish to use the Homeless Bill of Rights in their own cities. It also records the progress of the Brighton & Hove campaign, and any other campaigns are welcome to contact us – we’ll put their posts up as well.

The Homeless Bill of Rights is a document drawn up in 2017 by FEANTSA, the European coalition of homelessness organizations, to encourage cities to recognize the rights of the homeless. Although FEANTSA is a European Union organization, they have no problem with countries outside the EU adopting the document.

It is a compilation of basic rights drawn from European and international human rights law, but made specific to the situation of the homeless. It has been adopted by six European cities, including Barcelona. As well as the interests and concerns of rough sleepers it includes those of people in emergency and temporary accommodation and the “hidden homeless”, sleeping (for example) in vehicles, tents, and on friends’ sofas.

For the Brighton Campaign, we had the support of Just Fair, a UK organization based in London that promotes particularly social and economic human rights – they were a great help.

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